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Accordingly the data compiled in this chapter are of two kinds. They include such ethnographic and ethnohistorical materials on the Chilliwack as are available and, to supplement these, data on the linguistically and culturally related tribes of the Upper Stalo cluster see Figure The ethnographic information relating to the Chilliwack is drawn principally from Wilson Duff who in and gathered a small amount of traditional life-pattern american bully chilliwack from Chilliwack informants. Some additional Chilliwack information comes from Franz Boas who carried out a brief period of field research among the neighboring Chehalis infrom Chilliwavk Hill-Touta who worked with Upper Stalo groups, including the Chilliwack, in the s and early s; and from Marian Smith,a, b, who in the s and s studied the Chilliwack and nearby Upper Stalo tribes.

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In winter they were harpooned in the deepest part of the river. He writes: ". I have uncovered only a single reference to Upper Stalo use of berries as food in the very early historical records. DuffPartially confirmatory evidence for the cooking of salmon comes from the early historical records.

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aerican Find Bully Dog in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! Twice on their downriver journey of exploration of the Fraser River, Fraser and his party were served oil in "plenty" as a part of meals received at Upper Stalo settlements.

In general used as a sweetener and as such added to soups. The water from Sumas Lake found its way to the Fraser by its own small stream.

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Plank Dwellings Traditionally, houses constructed of planks were occupied by the Chilliwack during the warm months, being abandoned in favor of the pit dwellings when winter arrived. Because the Upper Stalo tribal cluster as chilliwaco whole is considered by Duff to have possessed a fundamentally similar life mode, whatever the variations in detail, it appears american bully chilliwack to generalize with caution to the Chilliwack, where information concerning this group is lacking or seemingly faulty, from other Upper Stalo groups.

Obtained dried from the Thompson Indians.

Appearance of completed basket. A composite bulb like onion or garlic with a 2 foot stalk and a blue flower "something like a tiger lily.

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Salmon was a good source of both vitamin A and vitamin D. And he may even be right in assuming that the Tait, in their environment, had a more limited access to large game than the Thompson on the Plateau upriver. Duff Trout Trout -- -steelhead, char, cutthroat, and smaller trout -- were taken by the Upper Stalo by the same methods as used for larger fish. In late June,Fraserhowever, made the following brief journal entries relating to the people of the camp in the Yale area.

After Americcan Woodworking adzes were used amercan the American bully chilliwack Stalo in amercian out all fine work on canoes, paddles, house planks, etc. Fraser, in July ofobserved just such a net in use when passing through Tait country.

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Their tops, notched to receive the principal rafters, reached upward to just below ground level. Anyone that calls this a Pit Bull or American Pit Bull Terrier. But the chhilliwack Chilliwack boundary along the east side of Sumas Lake can only be that of the s or later. Duff All Upper Stalo men were fishermen. Some additional Chilliwack information comes from Franz Boas who carried out a brief period american bully chilliwack field research among the neighboring Chehalis infrom Charles Hill-Touta who worked with Upper Stalo groups, including the Chilliwack, in the s and early s; and from Marian Smith,a, b, who in the s and s bu,ly the Chilliwack and nearby Upper Stalo tribes.

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When Taylor Dalke saw the SPCA's warning, she thought her seven-year-old American Bully, Milonie, likely ingested something either at the. Duff Three dried roots, surely used for food but not remarked upon by Duff's informants, were collected in in Tait country: Lilium columbianum, Balsamorhiza sp. In addition, a large of smaller objects -- cooking and eating utensils, bows and arrows and other weapons, fishing gear including harpoons, combs, and so on -- were made ot wood.

Sleeping platforms, six feet wide, were built four feet above the floor and were screened at their sides by partitions. Duff Fishing in this manner was carried out throughout the summer, most successfully at night, when the line was tied to a long pole buoy anchored to a heavy rock. Technique of ornamenting the coiled basket by imbrication.

To aid in comprehending what these enormous salmon resources meant to these tribes, a few details american bully chilliwack the five types seem worthwhile: The chinook variety was the finest of the five species to the Tait tribe and the variety for which the first salmon ceremony was celebrated. Chilliwack 25/11/‚Äč New and used items, cars, Mastiff mix puppies.

Standard war weapons, clubs were mostly of wood, sometimes of stone. Duff69, 70 Sturgeon flesh was usually cut into slabs and, held open with sticks, smoked in a smokehouse. The six small tribes above this line are termed by Duff the "Upper Stalo" -- as opposed to the "Lower Stalo" below -- a useful deation that will be followed in this present study. Wilson So much for the unusually rich and detailed ethnohistorical data, presenting, of course, primarily nontechnical observational information.

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Duff Woven mats, doubtless of different plant materials and fashioned by different weaving techniques, were used by the Chilliqack Stalo in various ways, but the ethnographic data are very scanty. Fraser's party of exploration received salmon -- generally "in plenty"- -- from them, beginning with the first Upper Stalo people encountered. An Upper Stalo fisherman with a good catch kept "only what he needed and gave the rest away.

Duff The Chilliwack River and Lake country was evidently excellent black bear country. Regrettably his detailed of this journey remains unpublished.

They dried in two or three days. The head was removed and the fish allowed to bleed thoroughly. Eaten fresh. In the valleys they were chilluwack by dogs into the river where hunters awaited them in canoes. We observed that the dogs were laterly shorn.

Occasionally they were "given a half-twist to impart a rotary motion Duff69; FraserUpper Stalo harpoons, of medium dimensions, were made with a fir or cedar shaft, a serviceberry or spiraea foreshaft, and a one- or three-piece toggle-type head. The fish were either roasted or boiled with heated stones in wooden vessels Fraser99,; see alsoStructures These consisted of dwellings and shelters of three types; of drying racks, smokehouses, and storage shelters; and of the sweat lodge, puberty hut, and grave structure.

Nevertheless, our knowledge of the aboriginal and early postcontact life style amerjcan the Chilliwack is singularly meager. Although fresh fish was procurable the year around, they dried or smoked large amounts during late summer for winter use. Let it be dainty in its food so that it shall be known as an Imperial dog by its fastidiousness; sharks fins and curlew livers and the breasts of quails, on these anerican it be fed; and for drink give it the american bully chilliwack that is brewed from the spring buds of the shrub that groweth in the province of Hankow, or the milk of the antelopes that pasture in the Imperial parks.

Clubs were given a special ceremonial importance, for they "were brought out only at 'big times,' and their histories were told. Consequently, the food for all villagers and for all meals was prepared and served together.

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In this segment of the Pacific Northwest linguistic and cultural relationships were intimately intertwined. Duff The headgear and personal ornaments of the Upper Stalo seem not to be described in the ethnographic literature.

Sockeyes were caught for their oil, used "for everything, like we use lard. That dog is a mutt that looks like a mixed Mutt breed such as the American Bully.

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